ELGYDIUM KIDS MONSTER Toothbrush Ages 2 to 6


ELGYDIUM KIDS MONSTER Ages 2 to 6 is a toothbrush with a small head that has been specially designed for small mouths. Its soft and finely rounded bristles have been developed to be gentle on the teeth and gums. The bristles have a concave trim to fit the rounded surface of milk teeth.

​Available in pharmacies and drugstores in Kuwait and Qatar

Available in four colours

Product advantages

  • Fun to encourage children
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Handle designed for children’s hands

Effective for

  • Tooth Decay in Kids

Recommended for

  • Children

How to use

For brushing two or three times a day, ideally with ELGYDIUM Kids toothpaste Ages 2 to 6 (banana, fresh strawberry or red berry flavour).

Professional opinion

Coloured bristles in the middle of the head help children to measure out the right quantity of toothpaste.

Its ergonomic non-slip handle makes it easier to hold and a small suction pad on the base allows it to stand upright.

Comes with a protective head cap for optimal hygiene.