ELGYDIUM KIDS Banana Toothpaste Ages 2 to 6


ELGYDIUM KIDS Banana is a toothpaste designed for children aged two to six years. It is banana-flavoured with a 500 ppm fluoride content suitable for children of this age, to protect milk teeth from the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.

​Available in pharmacies and drugstores in KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar.

50 ml tube

Product advantages

  • Helps more fluoride bind to the enamel
  • Fluoride concentration suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old

Effective for

  • Tooth Decay in Kids

Recommended for

  • Children

How to use

For brushing after every meal, with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, such as the ELGYDIUM Kids or Monster toothbrush. In the case of fluoride supplements from other sources (water, salt, etc.), consult a dentist or doctor.

Professional opinion

Protecting children’s milk teeth from decay is essential for healthy permanent teeth. Good oral hygiene habits are best learned early. ELGYDIUM KIDS Banana toothpaste is formulated so that the fluoride binds firmly to the teeth after the first minute of brushing. Its cleaning action is gentle on gums and the thinner enamel of milk teeth.


Fluorinol® (nicomethanol hydrofluoride, 500 ppm fluoride ions, patented by Pierre Fabre Laboratories),

  • Binds firmly to the enamel to help remineralise, strengthen and protect the teeth.

Siliglycol (PEG-12 dimethicone)

  • Film-forming agent that promotes fluoride take-up by the enamel, even after rinsing.

Clinical results

  • Nicomethanol hydrofluoride (Fluorinol®) helps to remineralise and protect the tooth enamel. It helps the enamel take up five times more fluoride, from the first minute of brushing, compared with a standard mineral fluoride (1). This fluoride then helps remineralise the enamel and leaves it more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.
  • Siliglycol (PEG-12 dimethicone) is a film-forming agent that promotes fluoride take-up by the enamel, even after rinsing (2).

(1) L. Jung et al. Rôle du nicométhanol dans le transport d’ions fluor pour favoriser la prévention des caries [The role of nicomethanol in the transport of fluoride ions to promote tooth decay prevention]. (in vitro test)
(2) Lacout et Al. Effets d’agents filmogènes sur la fluoration d’une apatite analogue à l’émail dentaire [Effects of film-forming agents on the fluoridation of apatite analogous to dental enamel].

  • 90% of 2- to 6-year-olds liked the Banana flavour (test carried out with 31 children for three weeks).