ELGYDIUM BABY Toothbrush Ages 0 to 2


ELGYDIUM BABY Ages 0 to 2 is a training toothbrush for babies and toddlers. Its fun design encourages small children to brush their teeth. The perfectly rounded bristles are gentle on the teeth and gums of the very young. A protective head cap ensures optimal hygiene.

​Available in pharmacies and drugstores in Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan.

Available in different colors

Product advantages

  • Fun
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Handle designed for children’s hands

Effective for

  • Tooth Decay in Kids

Recommended for

  • Babies

How to use

Brushing once a day is enough. Use the toothbrush without toothpaste until the child can spit it out properly.

Professional opinion

When the child is able to spit toothpaste out properly, the ELGYDIUM Baby toothbrush can be used with a suitable toothpaste (fluoride content no higher than 500 ppm) as soon as the primary teeth begin to erupt (at around six months). Only a very small amount of toothpaste is required.