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Welcome to Pierre Fabre Oral Care

Good oral health is a precious asset, essential to a person’s well-being and fulfillment, self-esteem, and relationship with others. Yet, 90% of us will suffer from oral diseases in our lifetime. This is why the Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory undertakes to innovate each and every day, in collaboration with dentists and pharmacists, in order to bring you solutions for the prevention, protection, and treatment of oral problems for the whole family.

Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory works to promote education, recommendations, and service in order to better help you preserve your teeth and oral health:

• Education for children, through concrete actions in schools, for example.
• Recommendations, sending each person messages that are tailored to their needs.
• Service, by offering personalized programs.
• Pierre Fabre Oral Care promotes the adoption of prevention habits and offers specific oral care programs in order to meet the full range of oral health needs. Our evolving and innovative programs are structured around complementary expert brands, clinically tested and manufactured in France.
• Pierre Fabre Oral Care provides each person with oral health support at every stage of life: the first baby tooth, losing one’s first tooth, braces during the teen years, sensitive gums during pregnancy, wanting a whiter, brighter smile, etc. We innovate to bring you solutions in line with societal trends and each person’s expectations.
• Pierre Fabre Oral Care is a combination of solutions from the Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory, aimed at understanding communities and communicating with them more effectively in order better support them in their oral health needs.

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