ELUDRIL CARE is an anti-plaque mouthwash that contains two antiseptic substances, chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride. Used twice a day after brushing, ELUDRIL CARE helps to reduce the build-up of dental plaque and helps keep gums healthy, day after day.

​Available in pharmacies and drugstores in KSA, Jordan and Bahrain.

500 ml bottle with measuring cup

Product advantages

  • Alcohol-free
  • Ready to use
  • Age 6 and up

Effective for

  • Dental Plaque

Recommended for

  • Adults
  • Teenagers

How to use

After brushing, rinse around the mouth with 15 ml of ready-to-use mouthwash (10 ml for ages from 6 to 12 years) for 30 seconds, twice a day. The measuring cup allows you to pour out the exact quantity required.

Professional opinion

As it helps to maintain healthy gums, ELUDRIL CARE can be used as a follow-up to oral treatment. It is also suitable for wearers of braces as it improves oral hygiene in spaces that are difficult to reach with a brush or interdental brushes.


Cetylpyridinium chloride

Clinical results

ELUDRIL CARE has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the build-up of dental plaque with a 74.9% reduction in the dental plaque index after three weeks. (Eludril Care mouthwash used morning and evening after brushing. Study carried out with 25 people for 3 weeks)

In a satisfaction survey of 25 people, all participants reported that they felt their gums were healthier, soothed and less sensitive after using ELUDRIL CARE twice a day for three weeks.