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Our brands

Pierre Fabre Oral Care has an extensive portfolio of oral hygiene and care products, covering all the needs in this market (from oral hygiene to medication).

From oral hygiene through to medication

Our know-how includes the pharmaceutical diligence of our medical activity and the formulation expertise of our dermocosmetics activity. We market a comprehensive line of products dedicated to oral hygiene and care:

ELGYDIUM, bringing a smile to your face for over 40 years

ELGYDIUM has been active in the dental hygiene market for over 40 years with specialised oral hygiene solutions to address all needs: gum problems, sensitive teeth, whitening and tooth decay prevention. ELGYDIUM products are all made in France so that the brand can meticulously control the manufacturing processes and guarantee patients safe, reliable products. In February 2016, a number of products from ELGYDIUM’s range of toothpastes and mouthwashes was awarded the ‘French Origin Guaranteed’ label: ELGYDIUM Whitening, ELGYDIUM Kids and ELGYDIUM Junior.

The ELGYDIUM brand, which is only available through pharmacies or health and beauty stores, was created in 1972 with the first medical toothpaste. The brand’s medical focus became firmly established in 1987. Its offering expanded with the arrival of a toothpaste containing Fluorinol® (a second-generation amine fluoride developed through Pierre Fabre’s research): ELGYDIUM Sensitive targeting the problem of sensitive teeth. As of 1995, the brand continued to innovate for a whole decade in order to create a collection of flagship products for ELGYDIUM laboratories: ELGYDIUM Whitening toothpaste, ELGYDIUM Tooth Decay Protection toothpaste, ELGYDIUM Kids & Junior toothpastes, and ELGYDIUM Brilliance & Care toothpaste.

ELGYDIUM CLINIC, a professional range of toothbrushes, interdental brushes and dental floss

ELGYDIUM CLINIC has been working closely with dental surgeons for many years. It is now well and truly established at the forefront of oral hygiene. ELGYDIUM CLINIC boasts a range of products that is varied enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, even the most specific, while also meeting the expectations of dental surgeons in order to assist them in their daily practice.
ELGYDIUM CLINIC covers a professional and innovative range of hi-tech brushing accessories that are renowned for their pharmacy-inspired quality. Its wide range of products includes:

  • Toothbrushes: targeted care, daily care for adults and children, orthodontic care.
  • Interdental brushes: three models and six sizes to suit everyone’s needs, for daily interdental hygiene and cleaning for braces and prosthetics
  • Dental floss: for optimal hygiene in even the narrowest gaps

ELGYDIUM CLINIC products are sold exclusively in pharmacies or health and beauty stores.

The slender, rounded head of ELGYDIUM CLINIC toothbrushes is ideal for brushing even hard-to-reach areas. The flexible handle and thin polypropylene neck can be used with any arcade type.
The soft Tynex® bristle trim is perfect for gentle brushing that is suitable for every need (dentine hypersensitivity, periodontitis, gingivitis, post-surgery, etc.).
ELGYDIUM CLINIC toothbrushes have a protective head cap that protects the bristles over time, maintains their shape and ensures good hygiene.
Lastly, ELGYDIUM CLINIC Adult toothbrushes can be sterilised at home in the microwave.


ARTHRODONT, soothing care for gums

ARTHRODONT tackles gum problems with a range of three products, ARTHRODONT PASTE soothing toothpaste for irritated gums, ARTHRODONT Protect Toothpaste Gel with fluoride, a gel providing protection for fragile gums and teeth and ARTHRODONT Gingival solution, a mouthwash that soothes fragile gums.

PANSORAL for the oral mucosa

The range of PANSORAL gels are specially formulated to relieve the discomfort associated with teething (PANSORAL Teething soothing massage gel) and minor oral injuries (PANSORAL ORAL gel).

ELUDRIL, the expert in mouthwash for more than 45 years.

The first ELUDRIL chlorhexidine mouthwash was created in 1968. Its unique patented formula combines two active ingredients, antibacterial chlorhexidine and soothing chlorobutanol, for healthy gums that are less sensitive. ELUDRIL  has long been recommended by dental surgeons as a complement to periodontal or implant treatments for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing gum problems from developing or worsening.

The ELUDRIL range has been enhanced with new products, ready-to-use alcohol-free ELUDRIL CARE for enhanced daily oral hygiene as a follow-up product.

Other Pierre Fabre Oral Care brands

ELUGEL is a cleansing oral gel to be used alongside periodontal and implant treatments, in cases of sensitive gums or when individuals are unable to brush their teeth properly.
PARODIUM is a gingival gel for sensitive gums with antibacterial chlorhexidine and soothing rhubarb extract. It helps to remove dental plaque, soothes sensitive gums and freshens breath.

“Drawing on the Pierre Fabre Group’s expertise in medication and formulation, our oral care laboratory offers a wide range of pharmaceutical-grade products (both medicated and cosmetic products) that are available in over 60 countries. Our range covers all of a patient's needs, from daily oral hygiene to treating oral health problems. It offers innovative formulas that incorporate reference molecules for precise, targeted action.”

Emmanuel Savi, Pierre Fabre Oral Care Brand CEO