ELGYDIUM XTREM Teen Toothbrush


ELGYDIUM XTREM soft is a toothbrush for gently brushing teenagers’ sensitive gums, and comes with a protective head cap for hygiene on the go.

Available in pharmacies and drugstores in KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan and Bahrain.

Available with Soft and Medium bristles, in different colors.

Product advantages

  • Rounded bristles and wave trim
  • Specially designed for teenagers
  • Protective head cap for optimal hygiene

Effective for

  • Tooth Decay in Junior

Recommended for

  • Teenagers

How to use

For brushing three times a day after meals, with a toothpaste formulated to protect against tooth decay, such as ELGYDIUM Tooth Decay Protection.

Professional opinion

ELGYDIUM XTREM Teen is a soft toothbrush with finely rounded bristles and a wave trim for impeccable brushing that is gentle on teenagers’ teeth and gums.